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Just get high and legalize

Ross County Sheriff Department
Ross County Sheriff DepartmentJ.Salley

A recent report from WBNS 10 tv out of Columbus, Ohio reported that marijuana plant seizures are down 10% from last year.

The report says they attribute this to growers using more sophisticated growing methods.

I propose the question of why not legalize it? We spend more resources and man power fighting the eradication and prosecution of smoking a plant. A weed that has grown in the wild for hundreds of years.

Let’s face it, this plant has the same health risks of tobacco and is less addictive than nicotine.

Let’s stop wasting money and resources and legalize the plant. We can tax it, and regulate it the same way as tobacco.

Let’s be smart people and realize it is nothing more than a plant. Let’s end the “Reefer Madness.”