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Dear reader,

If you are a guy like me you want the things in life you can't have just yet. I would never presume to be a know it all, not the slightest bit I can promise you that, but I do have something to say that might be of some interest to you...

Your body is more than just some tendons, bones and muscles. Your body includes your mind. With saying that I want to point out what you may or may not have noticed in the past. Your mind controls you and you control your mind (I have a point), if you have ever been at the gym and have somehow been distracted by your mind raise your hand high. Just think about it, while at the gym you are trying to put up that last repetition but you can't so you put the barbell or dumbbell down quick. That is your mind telling you that you can't do it because of fatigue.

What I am trying to get at is you need a partner there to tell you "You can put that last rep up", now think, if you have ever been in any type of sport. Your coach was always around you to motivate you, to push you forward, or your other teammates. Think of your workout partner as a teammate, someone who will help you achieve your greats potential. This partner of yours will distract you from the moment your own mind comes down on you and says "NO MORE PLEASE!" Now this may seem a little overbearing first but if you consider your past experiences at the gym like I have, you will realize that I may or may not be right about this.

Sincerely, Robert T Castro


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