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Just for fun: Sakurai "f-ing quits" and screen of Goku in 'Super Smash Bros.'

Masahiro Sakurai gets character requests for Super Smash Bros. more than we can even imagine. Some are great requests that are demanded to be noticed and heard and some others...not so much.

Being sick of the constant begging for Goku, he shared his Pic of the Day and it includes Goku in Super Smash Bros. The image includes his cunning remark:

[QUOTE]You know what? Fine. FINE. I f*cking quit. You want Goku? Have Goku. I'm quitting this dogsh*t company.[/QUOTE]

A clever way to get snot-nosed Dragon Ballz fans off of his back. A follow-up Miiverse comment said that he would cancel the entire project if he got continued requests for nonsensical characters, like SpongeBob or Ridley.

Of course, this is reported not to be true and was obtained from Nentindo, via Nadia Oxford's Minor Radiation Leak and was just a funny way of shutting down some of those requests.

The true Super Smash Bros. update that was really from Sakurai was Robin's Nosferatu ability, which Sakurai revealed as the first move that will recover the player's damage as it imposes damage on others. Sakurai pointed out that the Nosferatu abiltiy will be most beneficial to Robin when used from behind of an unsuspecting opposer. While this ability is not one that Robin uses in the original game, Sakurai stated that the element was added to make the character more unique. He also added, "Who knows--the ideas we use in this game may contribute to the original series."

Super Smash Bros. will be hitting shelves for the Nintendo 3DS on October 3, 2014, with the Wii U version following close behind with a holiday release.

Don't forget to check out some of Sakurai's responses during the Super Smash Bros. round table meeting during E3 last month and our hands-on impressions on the show floor!

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