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Just don't know how to talk anymore

words and more words
words and more words

One of my New Years resolutions is to learn to talk and write with more fluency than ever before. But sometimes this new world of texting and social media communication confuses someone my age. Certainly, the English teachers of the golden days would have been appalled. We would have been corrected for our creative play on words.

For example, if I said I would like to grow a company or team, of course, my teachers would have been sure to let me know that growing was for vegetables!

Cool….it really shouldn’t be a response to a hot and sizzling vacation…not a sexy vacation either.

You’re a real gem, Your dynamite. Your fantastic. Why do we refer others to jewelry and then a bundle of explosives while existing only in ones imagination all in the same vein. Oops…vein is referred to those blue threads in my arm.

So electric, magnetic....we won't even go there.

My car was in mint condition…smelling inside of peppermints? Is it green?

And that leads me to asking if I really turn green with envy?

And I am going to drive that idea right over the cliff!

Dressed to the nines??????? Am I not dressed to the tens? Am I not a perfect 10…how can ten be perfect?

And to launch new ideas was ridiculous but we could launch new aircraft if we wanted.

Tweeting was left to the birds and posting was left to the mail carriers.

Streams were created by water not videos.

I am not sure if I am bad, good, wicked….Am I nice or not? Has that changed too? Yes, it has because in the 14th century it used to define being foolish.

What is a wet signature opposed to a dry?

And let' s not even mention gay!

I wonder how many likes….I will get on this one? And I thought a friend was someone I spent time going out for lunch, movies, coming over for coffee?

Lol….I would rather just laugh out loud at all of this.

I guess I will never get it right but I do have the right to try in 2014. It is the right start and I will get on it right this minute.

Just text-ed a smiley face.....what the....can’t get better than that!

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