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Just don't go with it, other ways to get a Jennifer Aniston fix

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This weekend, filmgoers have two main new options of entertainment: Either go see the Justin Bieber documentary, the aptly titled Justin Bieber: Never Say Never or the new Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston comedy, Just Go With It. Unfortunately, reviews have not been kind to the latter. So if you're looking for a way to get your chuckles out or just watch Aniston be pretty then maybe these would be some better options, easily accessible on DVD.

Friends: This should be an incredibly obvious pick for any profile of Aniston's work, it made her a star and a multi-millionaire. Yet, there is a reason, it was a darn good comedy. Yes, there were missteps, hell all around bad seasons (seven, nine), but there were then the seasons that got it right and are worth repeat viewings to fully appreciate (four, eight). Maybe it's time you revisit your favorite six fake Manhattanites. If you were too young to remember when Ross loved Rachel, Monica and Chandler were just friends, Joey was Al Pacino's butt double, and Phoebe only knew the song "Smelly Cat" then maybe its time to get those DVDs.

Grade: A

The Object of My Affection: Based on the novel by Stephen McCauley, this may be one of the more under appreciated films of Aniston's career. She shines as a woman who discovers she is pregnant with her ex's child and chooses to raise the baby technically alone with the help of new best friend/roommate George (a charming Paul Rudd). This is an interesting comedy that asks you to wonder how two people can fall in love without being in love due to their being in the wrong bodies for each other. What defines a family? It's not only meant to make you laugh (which it will) but think, and along with an amazing extended cast of quirky characters.

Grade: A

Office Space: Give yourself a high five if you remember Aniston was even in this cult favorite film from director/writer Mike Judge. It's a biting satire about corporate America still rings true, although some of the jokes may have gotten a bit staid with time. Yet, its still a really funny and irreverent comedy that doesn't hold back. If anything this movie may remind you to go find a stapler too (see movie to understand this comment).

Grade: A-

The Good Girl: Writer Mike White and director Miguel Artera produced one of the finer independent movies of the 00s with this chillingly dark comedy. Aniston shows off both her charm and ability to play more dramatic roles as the depondent Justine, who dreams of a happier life away from her dreary husband and dead end job. Once Jake Gyllenhaal's Holden arrives in her life, all bets are off and all the audience can do is sit back with wonder at what will happen next. This film is also aided by excellent supporting turns by White and Zoey Deschanel.

Grade: A-

He's Just Not That Into You: One of the better plotlines in this melange of stories based on the like titled book involved Aniston's beleagured Beth trying to convince her long-term boyfriend (played by Ben Affleck) to marry her. Their debates were multi-faceted and entertaining about determining if people should be wed. Now if only the rest of the movie made as much sense as their piece of the puzzle. It's a decent date night movie, especially with Valentine's Day around the corner, but not for those looking for a laugh riot.

Grade: B