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Just Do It!


Are you ever overwhelmed by a goal because of its sheer size or complexity? Does it seem too big or too far beyond your reach? The solution is action. Specifically, breaking down the large or complex task into parts and working on them one at a time. With large tasks or complex tasks, the most important step is usually not the last, but the first.

I have experienced this truth many times over the years. Faced with large projects or daunting proposals, I have found that the solution is not more procrastination or brainstorming, but simple breaking the task down into parts and starting. The act of moving forward rallies our energies, imagination and insight.
In our desire to succeed and become more competent we often believe that to act we must do so flawlessly and with mastery. This attitude is, in part, overcompensation for feelings of inadequacy. As an approach to self-growth, it is deadly. When we demand mastery of ourselves as a starting point we can quickly be overwhelmed by the realization that we can’t deliver. The result is paralysis and procrastination.
A powerful facilitator to overcome this type of paralysis is the Principle of Just Doing It, which asks us to do it, not well or right, but simple to do it.
Purposeful action, no matter how small, creates a sense of efficacy. This empowers us to move to the next step. Stressing performance and not perfection give us permission not to be perfect. Just do it!
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  • Lindsay Garrison 5 years ago

    Carl - that is so on the money. I'm a recovering procrastinator, dragging my feet primarily to be sure I've got "it" right. No more analysis paralysis for me.

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