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Just Dance Studio Open House Saturday, Oct 23rd - Free Classes

Just Dance Studios Instructors
Just Dance Studios Instructors
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Just Dance Studios is an exercise studio that was created with YOU in mind. No matter your age, dance experience, body weight, or gender, there is a class for you. Dance fitness is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. Dancing improves flexibility, coordination, muscles strength and tone, and mental well being, as well as, helping you lose weight. Just Dance Studio offers a variety of specialized dance and fitness classes, where active adults can expand their knowledge of dance and enjoy being with other people of like interests.
But it is more than just another dance or fitness studio. What really sets Just Dance Studios apart from other exercise venues is that when you enter the studio you take the stage. The studio is designed so that you enjoy your fitness hour free from the noise and distractions that you find at a most gyms. At Just Dance Studios it’s all about investing in you and your experience. Your instructor will guide you through your class with ease whether you are a beginner or a pro. You will enjoy fun fitness that dances away the hour.
To create this unique atmosphere and experience for you, Just Dance’s owner, Pertarsha Echols, a Dancin Diva herself with Alabama A&M has gathered a talented group of instructors from many walks of life to bring you the best in dance fitness. Her All Star cast includes: Dana Moore founder of AuraHoops teaches hoop dance, a new fitness craze that is sweeping across the U.S. Dana performs at music and arts festivals, and participates in outreach to under privileged kids in an effort to help kids beat obesity. Melanie Lyons, another hoop enthusiast, was recently named Athlete of the Week by in August. Melanie competes in fitness and figure competitions where she combines strength and dance in one powerful expression. Another athlete and performer in the group is Tiffanie Reed. Tiffanie has a cheer and dance background with ACE All-Stars of Alabama. Tiffany also performed as a member of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks dance team, and as a collegiate cheer and dance member at Troy and Tennessee Universities. Marta Parker, a Homewood Spanish teacher, is also a certified Zumbatomic and Zumba Gold instructor who loves to teach meregue and salsa, as well as, zumba. Being a Latino, and able to communicate with Spanish speaking students adds a flavor and energy to her class that is simply contagious. Vocalist and dancer, Mashae Tello, has performed aboard cruise ships and major theme parks. Shae has an extensive background in choreography, working with talent agencies, and musical theatre programs. This group of ladies is sure to challenge you whether you are a pro or just beginning to dance.
Just Dance believes that dance fitness is for everyone and there is a class designed for you. Whether it is learning the technique to Hoop Dance, shaking your hips to Zumba, strutting your stuff in Hip Hop, flowing with classical Ballroom steps, moving it with a Just Dance Fitness class or taking a challenging Abs/Buttocks Blast or Pilates class, you will not be disappointed. Come out on October 23rd from 10 – 3 for the Grand Opening, and meet the instructors, tour the studio, and try a class for free to learn more about what dance fitness is all about. You can also visit us at to view class schedules, take advantage of online discount pricing, and become a member of Just Dance Studios where you’ll be the first to learn about new classes, workshops, and special discounts.
So dust off your dancing shoes or lace up your sneakers, and head over to Trussville to see what they have that others don’t. Bring along a friend and join the other members of Just Dance Studios for an hour of fun fitness, and let’s just dance!