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Just Dance!


So You Think You Can Dance

The Fall television lineup is back, and with it comes more dance than ever before. Take it in the form of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, or the slightly less talent focused, ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ either way its back, and bigger than ever.


Dance on television is one thing, dance up close and personal is quite another. I am not talking about the traditional form of dance, I’m talking dance theatre. In your face, never stop moving, dance as an all senses experience. I’m talking Pilobolus.

Pilobolus Dance Theatre is theatre, dance, stunt, sport, performance all rolled into one. It is not your typical dance company, nor your typical performance. Pilobolus takes the grace of ballet, the athleticism of gymnastics, the energy of salsa, and a little bit of everything else to perform in ways never imagined. Just the harmony they have between their bodies is outstanding to watch. Sometimes their bodies aren't even dancing, they are creating.

Ever seen a group of people come together to form a totally different image? Well, Pilobolus can, and will. They will mold their bodies into shapes, and images the human body should not be able to create. They are dance as it has never been seen or done before.


Their performances have been seen on everything from NFL ads, to 60 minutes, to
Hollywood awards shows. Warning: their shows are geared toward adults, simply because they tend to perform in minimal clothing. Not in a raunchy way, simply in a way that best allows their bodies to shine, so keep that in mind.

This is a not to be missed experience. Whether you know a lot about dance, or nothing at all, you will walk out of the theatre knowing what you saw was nothing short of incredible.

Pilobolus is at The Ahmanson Theatre for a very limited engagement, October 23-25. Get your tickets now. While a bit on the pricier side, they are worth everything.


  • Ted 5 years ago

    What a stirring review. Sounds like a dance version of Cirque.
    Thanks for letting me know it is coming here.