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Just Confirmed - Mayor Eric Garcetti to Participate in VerdeXchange Conference!

Los Angeles Mayor to speak on day 3 of VerdeExchange Conference 2014 - Jan. 18, 2014
Los Angeles Mayor to speak on day 3 of VerdeExchange Conference 2014 - Jan. 18, 2014
Huffington Post

Exciting news for Los Angeles, as Mayor Eric Garcetti makes it clear he’s a man of action, not just words, when it comes to supporting sustainability innovation and initiatives in Southern California.

Showing support for the continuing importance of sustainability organizations and conferences that deliver new information and help harness the power of vital industry connection and exchange, it was just announced in the latest press release from VerdeXchange 2014 Conference’s Founder & Chairman David Abel, that Mayor Garcetti will deliver a plenary address at the upcoming Conference in Downtown Los Angeles.

Now in it’s 7th year, the VerdeXchange California Conference - taking place from January 26-28 at the LA Hotel Downtown - will bring together state, national, and global private and public sector leaders, along with environmental stewards around this year’s theme: The Maturing Business of Sustainability.

Joining California and global energy, renewable technology and sustainability leaders to discuss energy policy, share what is driving markets, and pave the way for future collaborations, Mayor Garcetti is scheduled to speak on day three of the conference (January 28th), as part of a featured luncheon segment entitled “Building Sustainable and Resilient Cities—Greener by Design”. Introduced by Joe Edmiston, Executive Director of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Mayor Garcetti will also be joined by a panel of responding speakers (to be announced).

The Mayor joins a distinguished list of over 100 speakers including: Janet Napolitano - President, University of California and Former US Secretary of Homeland Security; Ambassador Vilma Martinez - Chair, Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners; Michael Peevey - President, California Public Utilities Commission; Dennis Arriola - President, Southern California Gas Company; Kathleen Brown, Partner - Manatt Phelps & Phillips and Former Treasurer for the State of California; Jonathan Weisgall - Vice President, MidAmerican Energy; Robyn Beavers - Senior Vice President, NRG Energy; Bob Foster - Mayor, City of Long Beach and Chair, ISO Board of Governors; Frank Breust - Vice President, Governmental Affairs, BMW Group Representative Office California; Peter Luchetti - Board Member, California Infrastructure & Economic Development Bank; Mary Nichols - Chairman, California Air Resources Board; Lauren Faber - West Coast Political Director, Environmental Defense Fund; Atsushi Honzawa - Senior Engineer, Hitachi Ltd.; Jeff Kightlinger - General Manager, Metropolitan Water District; David Fransen - Canadian Consul General; Bob Hertzberg - Partner, Mayer Brown, LLP; Indrani Graczyk - Manager, Commercial Program Office, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Peter Rive - Co-Founder, COO & CTO, SolarCity; Adel Hagekhalil, Assistant Director, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation; Daniel Breton - Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier for Transport Electrification, National Assembly of Quebec; Diane Long - Executive Director, California- China Office of Trade and Investment; Ian Parker - Managing Partner, Public Sector and Infrastructure Banking, Goldman Sachs; Carla Peterman - Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission; Felicia Marcus - Board Member, California State Water Resources Control Board; Robert Weisenmiller - Chair, California Energy Commission and Paul Bunje, Senior Director of Oceans, XPRIZE Foundation, to name just a few of the top notch speakers presenting at this year’s event.

VX2014 panel topics will include:
• Rethinking Utility Regulation to Get From Megawatts to Gigawatts
• Big Data’s Impact on Clean & Green Technology Performance
• Where Now for Solar & Wind–Marketplace Strategies, Policy & Investment
• Cars 2.1: The Market Today & Tomorrow for Clean and Fuel Efficient Cars
• One Water... Making it a Reality
• Natural Gas & Renewables in an Era of Energy Abundance
• Greening the San Pedro Bay Port
• Monetizing & Incenting Efficiency Conservation
• To Frack or Not to Frack: Is That the Question?
• Are American Utilities Now in a Death Spiral?
• Commercializing Clean Tech—Global Incubation/Acceleration Models
• Cap-and-Trade in Practice & CARB’s Agenda for Transportation Fuels
• Designing & Financing Resilient Infrastructure
• Micro Grids for Buildings and Communities
• Energy from Waste Water and Sludge-Prototype Processes
• Innovative Financing of Renewables—Solar, Wind and Water
• Clean Tech Grid Integration—The ROI of Smart Two-Way Technologies
• Game Changer: Battery and Storage Technology—Carbon Capture Technology and
Practice (Quebec/Japan/US)
• Leveraging the Power of Social & Environmental Performance Reporting
• Waste-to-Energy Conversion Technologies and Protocols
• Carbon Capture Technologies & Practices
• Assessing Clean Cities: Efficiency/Sustainability/Procurement
• Adaptation of Water Supply & Uses to the Challenges of Climate Change
• Envisioning More Sustainable Metropolises: Greener by Design
• Alternative Fueled Fleets: Lessons Learned
• Conversion Technologies—What’s In-Market & What’s Needed in Market
• China Case Study: Climate Change Policy/Climate Adaptation
• Healthy Facilities & Communities by Design
• The Role of Universities in the Green Economy

This year’s conference promises to be a MUST-DO event for anyone in the sustainability industry and I know I, for one, will be there to hear how Mayor Garcetti envisions a more sustainable Los Angeles.

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