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Just change the oil

Changing the oil is the easiest and best way to protect your engine.
Changing the oil is the easiest and best way to protect your engine.
Ken Spears

How to care for your antique/classic collector car? You could have professionals buff and wax the paint, remove every swirl and speck of dirt. You could have them detail the interior (or you could do that yourself). You could have a professional mechanic get your ride ready for the upcoming season, it wouldn’t be the first time a crew of mechanics and body men disassembled a show car just to clean it. For everyone else; just change the oil, dummy!

No doubt, your ride’s been sitting for weeks or months and, if you do start it occasionally, you drown the cylinders when pumping the gas to get it to start. The oil is contaminated with dirt as well as excess gas and it’s time to make the change. Whatever you’ve been running - 10-40, 20-50, Rotella or Synthetic – get yourself to the auto part store and get some oil and a filter.

Even without a lift you can get yourself under the car on a creeper or a piece of cardboard and to keep your hands clean and supple use disposable latex gloves. Loosen the drain plug and let the black gold fill a pan then spin off the old filter and spin on the new, you can top it off with an additive like Marvel Mystery Oil if you like. Voila, oil change complete! Most parts stores will take back that gallon jug of used oil so you don’t have to worry about paying for disposal. Don’t forget to treat your daily vehicle to a little TLC as well.

Now your ride is almost ready and your engine is protected. Don't you feel better?