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"Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed."

What an interesting concept.  Really makes you think!
What an interesting concept. Really makes you think!

I read a quote today that really caught my eye. It is one of those I had never heard before and it really “stopped me in my tracks” and made me think about it. See what you think…

“Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.” – Irene Peter, American Writer

Just before, during and after a divorce, everything IS different. No doubt about that. But underneath all the chaos and upheaval that has happened, one has to now ask themselves, has anything changed? Is life better now? Is it going to be better soon? When? How will that happen? Things WILL change but they will change BECAUSE of you, not DESPITE you! They won’t change until you decide they will. As the quote goes, “…everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed”… yet!

What would you LIKE to change in your “new life?” How could that change come about? Is this change realistic or just a pipe dream? What would you have to change in your current life to realize this change? Is that possible? Is it worth it? Only you can answer these questions. Only you know if you want the change enough to stop moving on your current path.

Obviously, there are no easy answers. No black and white answer. If you’re like me, you can talk yourself in and out of anything given enough time. The “what ifs” and “maybe nots” can keep me teetering on the balance beam indefinitely. Just the same, it’s an interesting question that I hope you’ll take some time to reflect on.

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