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"Just Because Day"

"Yes Man"
"Yes Man"
"Just Because Day" inspirational movie

Everyday it’s the same crap. We do tons of things every day of our lives and sometimes so accustomed to the ritual it holds no momentum other than, “because we have to”. If your one of those people whom needs a swift kick in the butt to do something other than your routine and controlled lifestyle than August 27th might just be an opportunity you’ve been secretly awaiting.

The holiday “Just Because Day” is a great reason to let loose and do something completely out of the ordinary or spontaneous. On August 27th go crazy and buy yourself something you normally wouldn’t splurge for, say hello to someone you’ve never had the nerve to speak to, apologize even though you want to be stubborn or just get away for the day. Things that don’t take much effort but can be just as fun; snort when you laugh, skip rather than walk, give a fake name for your Starbucks, sing with the windows down, wear something obnoxiously ridiculous or randomly shout the first thing that comes to mind. If your friends or family call you out on your odd behavior, remind them that it’s “Just Because Day” and they should stop being so uptight and celebrate with you!

Movie Suggestion: “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey- After being convinced by a colleague to attend an inspirational “Yes!” seminar, Carl a chronic “No” man is suddenly seizing every opportunity that comes his way. While his inability to say no leads him into positive and negative situations there is undoubtedly a whirlwind of comedic episodes.