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Where should you begin when loosing weight for the sake of having a love life?
Where should you begin when loosing weight for the sake of having a love life?
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Dear Brittani,

I'm 22 years old, 5'2" tall and I weigh about 172lbs.  I have been trying to get back in the dating scene but feel like my weight is a huge obstacle to finding the man of my dreams.  All of my friends look like they just walked off a runway and when we go out I feel like the short pig that's being ignored.  What should I do? 

                                                                                            - Anonymous


First things first, unless you feel good about yourself, you'll never find the perfect man.  Men can tell when a woman is insecure and it is unattractive.  So before you start to concern yourself with improving your exterior, you need to become comfortable with yourself as you are and love yourself.  Once you do that the confidence that you feel will shine through and the man of your dreams will be drawn to your inner beauty allowing the physical to be secondary.  If you want to loose weight you need to do it for yourself and not to find a man.  Check out Urban Active Fitness Center.  There are six locations in the Columbus area, each location offering group fitness classes like Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba, at no additional cost and personal training plans with prices and schedules that fit most all lifestyles.  I personally have been working out with Urban Active for about a month and am proud to say I've shed 12 pounds!  The staff is amazing and the people who work out there are more concerned with getting their workout in then they are with judging you.  You can visit them online at and find the location closest to you.  Give them a call or stop in to take a look at the club to find out if it's right for you.  Good luck!

As the summer nears, many women (and men) are looking to take off their winter weight.  While being healthy and physically fit is very important, it is more important to have a healthy self image and self-esteem.  If you are a woman thinking of loosing some pounds, you want to be sure that you are in control of your weight loss plan and that you are choosing to loose weight for yourself.  Columbus offers many fitness centers in the city and surrounding areas, but I recommend looking at fitness groups such as Curves and Weight Watchers if your weight loss initiative is fueled by low self esteem.  These organizations offer not only a facility to work out, but group support and specialized attention for weight loss specialists and trainers that can help you work on your self image while changing it.  Visit for more information on Curves or for more information on Weight Watchers.  You can also visit to find out about counseling options available in Columbus for people with eating disorders, weight loss, and body image perception.


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