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Just Around the Corner

Just around the corner....
Just around the corner....
Photo by Connie Sorensen

The only one who knows what lies ahead is Jesus. We can plan all that we want to plan and prepare the groundwork to take us from point A to point B.

Although, we might steadfastly take every necessary step to get where we want to be, the bottom line is: He will take us where He wants us to be.

We might have the most righteous of intentions and even seek the Lord's guidance in finding our destiny, we might even think we know where He is directing our path.

There is one thing for sure, we will arrive at our pre-determined time exactly where we are suppose to be.

In obedience, we may seek His will, we might pray continuously, we might plan every detail, we might still be so far off course that we might have even challenged ourselves about whether the direction we are heading blesses His goals for us in this life.

There is no guarantee that we will always receive loud and clear signals directing our route.

As a matter of fact, the road we opt for may not be the most direct route. There may be times we find ourselves way off course.

Wherever we find ourselves in life, it is important to keep asking whether or not this is where we're suppose to be. If it isn't, take the necessary steps or at least begin with the first step in fulfilling the legacy He has in store for you.

Whenever we find ourselves getting off course, we must re-analyze our situation and question where we believe He can use us, where we're being drawn and just how we can put the wheels in motion to make the required shift.

We need to make every effort to remain in His will for our lives.

We need to focus on Him and make sure the we are living is the way He would want for us to live.

Ask Him to keep your motives pure, to make His will, your will and to ask for His guidance. Then, ask Him to use you and stand in preparation for what He has for you... just around the corner.


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