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Jury convicts Texas man who is accused of beating and drowning his dog

R. Prichard
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According to Dallas News, on Wednesday, a jury convicted a Mesquite, Texas, man for animal cruelty with a deadly weapon, despite the man's claims that his actions were made in self-defense.

In August 2013, 60-year-old Robert Prichard was arrested after a neighbor contacted the authorities to report that the man's dog had been beaten and then drowned in a swimming pool. Prichard tried to claim self-defense, stating that he feared for his own safety, as well as the safety of his sons, but he provided earlier statements, shortly after the dog's death, which indicated that the killing was the result of anger over the dog's bad behavior.

Shortly after Prichard was arrested, Mesquite Police reported that he admitted to killing the pit bull, named "Candy." At one point he told the authorities that he had killed Candy after she chewed on some patio furniture pillows.

Candy was repeatedly hit with a shovel and then thrown into a pool. Prichard testified, stating:

I just hit it, hit it, hit it and held it,”

“And I thought it was unconscious.”

One of Prichard's neighbors stated that she heard the man yelling:

You’re dead, dog!”

“You’re dead!”

Prichard spoke out about the dog's behavior a few months after the deadly incident - he stated that the dog had become "unruly," and destructive and noted that he wanted to get rid of her.

Prichard could face up to ten years in prison for the crime.

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