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Jurors hear Mammone taped confession

James Mammone III, right, looks at his attorneys Tammi Johnson and Derek Lowry during jury selection
James Mammone III, right, looks at his attorneys Tammi Johnson and Derek Lowry during jury selection
(AP Photo/The Repository, Bob Rossiter)

Opening statements began Monday in the trial of James Mammone of Canton.  Mammone is accused of stabbing his two children and shooting his former mother-n-law to death in June of 2009.  Mammone's ex-wife Marcia Eakin was the first to testify in the Stark county courtroom,  She stated that Mammone texted her last June, claiming he had drugs on him and was “ready to die”.

Prosecutors played a taped confession Mammone made to Canton police. Jurors listened as a nearly emotionless man explained how he repeatedly plunged  an 8 inch knife into the throats of his children, ages 3 and 5. The children were killed as they sat helplessly strapped into their car seats. Mammone said he killed them it in a church parking lot, the same church where he married Marcia.

The horror story didn't end there, Mammone also explained how he stormed into the Canton home of his former mother-n-law, Margaret Eakin, beat her with a lamp and shot her in the face.

Also on the tape, jurors heard how Mammone, with his two dead kids in the back seat, drove to Marcia Eakins home and tried to burn a friends truck parked outside, when that failed he grabbed a baseball bat and broke into the home, only to find it empty.

Mammone said he had planned to lure his ex-wife to a place so she could see her children, and then break her ankles with an ax handle studded with spikes. He told detectives that he wanted to cut out her tongue for not speaking to him.

Prosecutors are trying to prove Mammone killed his children and his ex mother-n-law out of revenge against Marcia Eakin. Mammone told investigators he never accepted the divorce and was surprised by the decision.

“I thought I was clear with her that I would not accept my children growing up in a household where both parents weren't present”. he told investigators.

Mammone has entered not guilty pleas to three counts of aggravated murder and other charges. If convicted, he could be sentenced to die by lethal injection.

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