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Jurgen Klinsmann warns US could lose World Cup game? Says Germany has advantage

Jurgen Klinsmann talks about Germany's advantage in next World Cup game
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

World Cup fans who love team USA are baffled by the latest comments from coach Jurgen Klinsmann about the upcoming United States and Germany game. The coach is already offering up excuses why the team might not win and it sounds pretty ridiculous to the average fan. According to Yahoo Sports on Monday, the coach is complaining that Germany has an unfair advantage by the traveling schedule that the team is currently locked into when it comes to the different games.

Jurgen Klinsmann made his grievances known as the difficult travel schedule of the American team and relative lack of rest throughout the group stage has been taxing. Add the different climates that the team has played in and fans get the idea that the US team is tired. However, looking at Germany's schedule, the team got an extra day of rest, played in a more reasonable climates and has to travel less distance for Thursday's match.

The idea of an unfair advantage would be realistic if the World Cup knew who was going to be competing who before setting up the schedule. The World Cup schedules are determined before teams are ever put into their specific groups and then at that point the teams are given their rotation for the event. Apparently, it would be impossible for the Germany team to have this advantage without prior knowledge of who they were competing against.

The strong words for FIFA and the alleged preferential treatment of Germany has many people thinking Jurgen Klinsmann’s team might not be ready to win the next game and the coach is letting the USA fans down easy. Looking for an excuse not to win before the team hits the field isn't the best way to play, but then again other decisions of Klinsmann have been called into question including leaving Landon Donovan at home. As for the game against Germany, let’s hope the players are taking it serious as this is opportunity to advance for the USA team.

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