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Jupiter's Importance in Astrology: What is a Jupiter Return

Jupiter, just like the other planets, plays an important role in astrology, bringing opportunities, blessings, and expansion. Jupiter has entered Leo on the 16th of July, a fiery astrological relationships (Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and therefore, it has an affinity for Fire signs). The current circumstances are favorable for a more in-depth talk about Jupiter and what is called “the Jupiter return.”

If we were to describe Jupiter in terms of physical characteristics, we would have to say that is the biggest planet in our solar system, a giant mass of gas. In astrology, this planet is known as the Great Benefic. The position of Jupiter in a person’s natal chart indicates where he or she needs to grow, to strengthen his or her faith, and enrich his or her knowledge and understanding of the world. In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the equivalent of Zeus, the father of all gods, hence its power and connection to both law and morality.

Jupiter represents a protective energy in an individual’s astrological chart. This presence of this planet influences how you plan to improve your life by working on understanding life first. The Great Benefic also indicates your spiritual search for greatness and where you can truly become more than you already are. Jupiter’s symbol is closely related to this idea of greatness and growth – the Eagle. This bird has the ability to reach great heights, and as such it symbolizes achievement, growth, and higher realms of existence.

Jupiter also shows us where we exaggerate, in what areas we go to extremes, or where we indulge in excess. The lesson here is that blind optimism can become a problem if not joined by a healthy dose of reason. If you manage to stay clear from any kind of excess, then you can fully enjoy the blessings that Jupiter brings into your life. Jupiter is known as Guru in Vedic astrology, and its role is to remind you to be like a sponge or like an open container into which others may pour their wisdom and teachings.

Now, referring to the Jupiter return, this has to do with the transits of this planet. Jupiter returns to its natal position every twelve years (with approximation), so every individual experiences a Jupiter return around the age of 12, 24, 36, 48, etc. Knowing the position of Jupiter in your birth chart – an astrologer can provide a helping hand in this respect – is essential to reaping the gull benefits of a return. It is a good idea to look back to previous Jupiter returns and to see what happened in your life during those years. A Jupiter return usually occurs concomitantly with an important life event: the conclusion of a certain dream, a lifestyle change, the beginning of a new career path, etc. Basically, it has to do with some kind of cycle; at the time of a Jupiter return, one cycle and a new one begins.

Depending on the position of Jupiter in your chart (especially in a specific House), the return of this planet molds all the natal aspects to its energy and vibrations. Again, the position of Jupiter in your chart dictates how its return affects your life and what may result from the changes it produces. Jupiter brings a wealth of opportunities, provided that you are at the right place and at the right time. This means that you have to be open to receiving this planet’s blessings and energies in order to really get them, so meet new people, go to new places, and try new things.

If you’re wondering how you can make the most out of a Jupiter return, here are a few ideas: take a course, travel, promote yourself and/or your business, evaluate your life philosophy, read philosophy books, create a vision board, explore your spiritual beliefs. Be adventurous and open-minded – amazing things will happen.

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