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Jupiter, jolly planet of luck and good fortune, will soon be moving forward

Jupiter stations and turns direct on Thursday, March 6, 2014 and this bodes well for a change in luck. Take time to consider: Are some individuals just born with more luck than others? Or do we create our own luck?

When you speak to individuals who seem to be happy and excited about their lives, the partners they're with, the careers they're in, and the success they've had, words like luck, fate or chance constantly pop into the conversation. You'll hear them remark, "I met my partner by chance." "I'm in this particular career because I just happened to go to this party", ”As fate would have it" or "I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time."

Speaking astrologically, luck, good fortune and heavenly protection are associated with the planet Jupiter. This big beautiful jolly and optimistic planet is kind and benevolent. Jupiter wants us to flourish in positive ways.

Jupiter is our honorable helpmate, seeing to it that we are on the right path and in the right the right time. Success and prosperity are all within Jupiter's rhelm...but this very largesse can at times digress into laziness, sloth and wanting something for nothing. Jupiter at it's worst takes the easy way out. But more often than not Jupiter is willing to provide us with opportunities along with the optimism and confidence to believe anything is possible.

Jupiter is the planet associated with Sagittarius. The Sun is in Sagittarius from about November 22 through December 21 (you know that jolly time of year when we spend so much time thinking about giving to others). Jupiter has been called the cosmic Santa Claus...the giver of gifts. It signifies the drive we have toward joy, what things have the potential to multiply in our lives and where our success are likely to be. (see video above)

Yes, we all have a Jupiter within. Studying Jupiter in an individual's chart shows where the person is the most optimistic and positive, thus where opportunities for success, abundance and wealth can be found. Much of our luck in life comes from knowing where to put our energy and then having the optimism and confidence to actually put it there.

Which brings me back the first questions: Are some individuals just born lucky? Or do we create our own luck?

Yes, astrologically you could say some appear to have a greater potential for luck than others. There are those who are gifted by being born on the right date, in the right place and at the right time (or as an astrologer might say, with a well placed Jupiter). Yet, when we council these individuals they often seem to have done little with the gift they were given, are unhappy or bored and searching for an easy way out. (the laziness and sloth aspect of doubt). These individuals, regardless of their particular status in life, have become complacent and self-satisfied as the result of the advantage of a well placed Jupiter.

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing.

Then on the other hand, we see individuals who seem to have been born on the wrong date, in the wrong place and at the wrong time...their horoscopes give little indication of luck (or as astrologer might say, their Jupiter is challenged) Yet, these individuals have over come the challenges in their lives by being particularly open to possibilities...or perhaps the fewer opportunities you have the more obvious they become... but in any case, they don't hesitate to act when an opportunity presents itself. They flex their Jupiter muscle, seize upon the opportunity and enjoy the sweetness of success. And in doing this have strengthened their Jupiter by becoming ever more optimistic and confident, and as a result create more opportunities for themselves along the way.

I'd say the essence of most luck is opportunity...and this sort of luck seems to be that point where the road of preparation, perseverance and effort intersects with the road of opportunity. Opportunity is, by definition, only a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstance. It's the ability to seize the opportunity that makes for a lucky person. So, I suppose you could say that while some are born luckier than others, what's more important is what you do with the luck you have.

Regardless of weather we were born lucky or not, we all have times in our lives when we can expect luck to come calling. We all have a Jupiter within and therefore we all have the potential for luck.

Benefic Jupiter takes 12 years to complete one full cycle around your horoscope. During that time it spends one year in each sign and makes many connections to the other planets and points in your birth chart (a professional astrologer can give you the full scoop). But opportunities do come along during a Jupiter transit...even if you don't know you're having one. The problem is most people don't necessarily recognize a good thing when they see it. However, if you know your own personal Jupiter cycle and the opportunities it could will be ready for those serendipitous moments when they arrive.

Of course, there is a different kind of luck that has little, if anything, to do with opportunity, optimism, confidence or seizing the moment. It has nothing to do with success or failure in life. This is Jupiter the benevolent protector...the angel on your shoulder... and when Jupiter sits on your shoulder there is no doubt that you are the luckiest person around.

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