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Junny is a perfect tribute

One dog a tribute for two boys lost too soon to tragedy
One dog a tribute for two boys lost too soon to tragedy

Many times when something dear to us is taken away needlessly, we forget to see the good around us. A Bloodhound puppy is changing that for one mother, Vicki Rios-Martinez. Vicki lost her young son, 11-year-old Junny, in 1991 when he was abducted, raped and murdered in Brevard County.

This brave mother is figuring that her son’s name will live on in the hearts of all that know about him and resurface each and every time that his namesake fulfills his position as a search dog. She looks at the dog as a blessing in disguise; a way for him to continue his journey through another living being.

Scott Gunnerson from Florida Today captured the story quite well. He interviewed the boy’s brave mother to get her take on the name designated this dog after the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, the BCSO, held a Facebook contest that involved the public in helping determine the dog’s name.

When “Junny” was the winning vote, it came as a tribute, a good reminder to Rios-Martinez, as opposed to a haunting remembrance. This dog will do good things and honor the name of the child taken too soon.

Search and Rescue Dogs have many jobs that they are trained to do. Junny’s job, once he is completely trained, will be to locate missing children. He will likely receive inspiration from above helping him to do just that.

Besides bearing the name of a child lost to the degenerate spirit of human kind, the dog is special for another reason. This bloodhound was donated to the BCSO from the Jimmy Ryce Foundation. Jimmy was yet another child that had been abducted, raped and killed in Florida, four years after Junny was taken. This dog and his job is just meant to be! Now others can be safe in the wake of two really special boys!

Thank goodness there are some really great people in the world today that can take a major tragedy and turn it into a lifesaving event for the mass majority. Two boys lost their lives in a very despicable way but one dog is now here to heal at least some of the hurt that both families have felt since their tragedies.

Maybe this one dog can be the savior of many, therefore providing a sound reason that he was chosen above the masses. Perhaps he will be the link between the boys and their parents, showing those left behind that good can come from the ultimate evil!

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