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Junkluggers now services Boston for better Recycling

No need for dirty streets with the Junkluggers in town
No need for dirty streets with the Junkluggers in town
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

The Junkluggers is a NYC-based junk removal company that is rapidly expanding across the northeast. Founder & CEO Josh Cohen is planning to bring his green trucks, and eco-friendly green business model, to the land of the Green Monster!

The Junkluggers is planning to open 2 to 3 locations in Boston by the end of 2015, and 10-15 in the state of Massachusetts. The company currently has 5 locations throughout Connecticut, New York City, Long Island, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Each location typically adds 5-10 jobs and the company partners with local charities and donation centers to make sure that the “junk” they remove can potentially find a home with someone who really needs it.

The Junkluggers will remove almost any unwanted item and find it a new home. They avoid sending items to landfills and believe that recycling is a form of passive philanthropy.