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Junk Foods Junk Moods

Book Cover
Lindsey Smith

There is a new great book out there for all of the healthy eaters and soon to be healthy eaters. Junk Foods Junk Moods by by Lindsey Smith Junk. LIndsey is a Certified Health Coach and recovering emotional eater. This book is a great read and shows you how to focus on food in a healthy way and turn your relationship around.

Absolute Pilates is host event and book signing with Lindsey. During this event, Lindsey will show you a better way—one that relieves the burden of self- denial and invites both joy and health back into your life. You’ll learn how to do the following:

• Stop focusing on food as your sole nutrient
• Treat your body like a lab to understand what you really crave
• Identify and satisfy deep needs in body, mind, and spirit • Nourish yourself with a positive mindset
• Make manageable steps into a healthy lifestyle We’ll also have a live Question and Answer session so Lindsey can help YOU on your journey to health and happiness!
From 5:30 to 6:00 you are invited to attend a free mat Pilates class by Allison of Absolute Pilates when you register for this workshop.


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