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Junior varsity Islamic State has a strategy, Obama not so much

President Obama develops a strategy for his next shot
President Obama develops a strategy for his next shot
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

What happens when a community organizer tries to organize the Middle East? Michiganders die.

President Obama has stated, “We have no strategy” in dealing with the Islamic State terrorists.

President Obama’s lack of a plan has contributed to the deaths of 65 Michigan soldiers. These include Zachary Shanafelt, who left behind his wife and 13-month old son. The Shanafelts had plans for their future; those plans were taken away by President Obama’s rules of engagement in fighting terrorists.

Another Michigan casualty to Obama’s War was Shane Cantu. Shane graduated from Corunna High School. Terrorists took away his plan for the future while America’s commander in chief voted “present” in Afghanistan - a strategy Obama perfected in Illinois politics. Under Obama’s lack of a strategy, Shane was killed when a terrorist simply threw a bomb over the wall of his base.

At least 2/3 of casualties in the war have been under Obama. Some indicate the number is over 73 percent. Obama has a detailed fundraising strategy and a plan on how to improve his golf swing but not on how to protect Michigan soldiers.

Obama has compared the Muslim terrorists to a junior varsity basketball team. In other words, they do not deserve to be taken seriously. However, the trash-talking Obama cannot even handle the “JV” team. The Islamic terrorists have a strategy, Obama does not.

The junior varsity terrorists are winning against Obama’s bumbling. The Islamic State is now making $3 million each day by selling oil. The Islamic State now controls territory in Syria, Iraq, and is spreading into Lebanon. The Islamic State is organizing protests in the Netherlands, making videos of gleeful Muslim terrorists cutting off the heads of live, conscious men and children; and the Islamic State is forming alliances with other Islamic terrorists in East Asia.

Obama keeps voting “present” on the world scene, rather than forming a strategy to defend the innocent. In the meantime, the Islamic State has a specific, five-year plan for global domination under Muslim tyranny.

In January, Obama said, “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.”

Now, Americans are saying, “If a community organizer puts on president’s clothes, that doesn’t make him competent.

If America had a president, he would look like he knew what to do.

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