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Jungle Rot's Reign of Terror

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Last time we checked in on the Kenosha, Wisconsin based band Jungle Rot, they were annihilating the country with their new album (at the time), “Kill On Command”, and stealing some thunder from Deicide on tour. But the band wasted no time after that tour to start work on what would become their eighth album.

Over the past year, the boys have been busy. On top of re-mastering and re-releasing their 1996 debut, “Skin The Living”, the band was back in the studio and developing their blazing next set of tunes. The fruits of their death metal fury was unleashed on the world as “Terror Regime” was released back on March 19th. For fans of the band, it’s gonna be like old times as Dave Matrise and company pummel fans’ senses on tracks like “Scorn” and “Carpet Bombing”. There’s plenty of war imagery here for longtime fans of the band, who know that the band gets shares their name with a foot disease coined during the Vietnam War.

Jungle Rot are a touring machine, doing tours with Six Feet Under, Vader and just about any death metal band you can think of throughout their time period. 2013 is no different for the band, with the band celebrating the new release as support for one of the most successful death metal bands around: Suffocation. This all around killer bill will be running through towns through the end of April, and Jungle Rot brings their rage to Detroit when they open for Suffocation at St. Andrew’s Hall on Sunday, April 7th.

So, if you haven’t checked out Jungle Rot yet- please get yourself to a computer before the show and buckle in for what is sure to be an intense ride.

Jungle Rot opens for Suffocation at St. Andrew’s Hall on Sunday, April 7th. Tickets are $20 and are available at Additional tour dates and band info can be found at