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'Jungle Fever' written on customer's valet parking tag cost valet parker his job

Valet parker at Georgia restaurant writes racial slur on customer's key tag.
Valet parker at Georgia restaurant writes racial slur on customer's key tag.
ABC News

What’s a New Year without another new insult on another customer’s receipt? After valet parking at a restaurant on New Year’s Day, a couple who dined in East Point, Georgia appear to be the first in the New Year to post an offensive receipt which is on track to going viral, according to ABC on Saturday.

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The receipt that the valet parker returned to an interracial couple with the car keys had the words “Jungle Fever” scrawled on it. “Jungle Fever” is reportedly an insulting term for an interracial couple. Therefore, the couple – Candea and Sam Aarons – was naturally offended.

The couple asserts that they have eaten at Spondivits restaurant and have dealt with the valet parkers in the past while never having had a problem before. However, this is the first time they were extremely offended by a valet parker when he left a tag on their returned car keys when they retrieved their car.

The restaurant refused to take blame because a valet employee was responsible for the incident. The valet company – APS Valet – reportedly fired the employee after the incident became public.

Candea Aaron said that she didn’t like that the restaurant had not given them an apology for the incident. Glenn Gagne, the restaurant’s chef and overseer took to Facebook to say that his restaurant has no tolerance for racism – and left the incident there by refusing to speak to the news media about the situation. Specifically, Gagne wrote: “Spondivits will not tolerate racial speak by employees or customers on our property. We are known for our racial diversity.”

At issue is also that Gagne somewhat defended the valet parking employee who wrote the racial slur on the ticket by explaining what some people don’t know about valet parking procedures. He explained that valet parking employees do not get customers’ names and therefore rely on a written description of a person or persons to remember who owns which car. Gagne wrote, “This valet wrote an unacceptable description on this customer’s ticket, but it was not him trying to send a racist message to the customers. He just has poor taste and this cost him his job.”

The Aarons have refused a free dinner from the restaurant to smooth things over. Perhaps the valet parker should have simply written “interracial couple” if the couple’s being black and white was the only physical characteristic by which he thought he would remember the car’s owners.

Unconfirmed reports claim that Candea Aarons also said the unnamed valet parker was African-American. Candea Aarons is African-American and her husband is a white Marine who reportedly just returned from service.

In the past, persons have received receipts that insult persons of other races as well. Some people have found negative comments about their appearance, including the description of being ugly or fat. Maybe these employees think people won’t ever get – or look at – their receipts during the business transaction. Whatever the case, they have simply got to stop being offensive in their writings. One would think that businesses simply can’t afford the bad publicity.

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