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June's Friday Night Magic promo is Dissolve

"Either these curtains go or I do."

In this day and age of knowing what the monthly Friday Night Magic promo card will be months ahead, it's almost surprising we don't have an official announcement for June's card yet. But Rumor Mill user Ranche has found a leak of the June FNM promo: The already-beloved uncommon Theros counterspell Dissolve.

A strict upgrade over Cancel is always welcome, but Dissolve sees plenty of play in both Standard and Modern because of the sheer value of scry. The art pieces are both similar and different - both have a female mage creating a "veil" of some kind of non-solid material; but the original version has her doing it with air and smoke during the daytime, while the promo uses seawater during the nighttime. Opinions so far seem to fall slightly in favor of the original art, however.

Going to be trying your hand at a June FNM to pick one of these up? Let me know in the comments.

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