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June is World Infertility Month

Infertility can be challenging to a marriage
Infertility can be challenging to a marriage
Miguel Cabello

June is “World Infertility Month” and is a time where awareness is raised on the issue of infertility. Infertility can be devastating to a marriage but it doesn’t have to devastate a marriage.

First, recognize that each spouse will have their own way of emotionally dealing with infertility. No one way is right. And many times those emotions will change over a period of time. They may even change daily. The point is to recognize that infertility has an emotional impact that can’t be predicted but should be respected.

Some of the feelings that might be experienced include anger, sorrow, denial, jealousy, guilt and shame. It helps to talk to one another about your feelings.

Infertility can also create stress in all areas of your marriage, from intimacy to your finances. It’s important to recognize that many stressors are just a symptom of the real issue. Yet couples who are going through infertility will come to believe that it has to do with the other person.

While turning to each other is the healthiest option, it isn’t always possible. This is where you should seek support. You can do that individually or as a couple. Just make sure that you are in agreement about your decision. Forcing a spouse to attend a counseling session will likely make matters worse, not better.

Seeking help is especially important if the issue of infertility has taken over your lives. When you can no longer enjoy each other or life, its time to step back and remember that you married each other. It began as two and should you end up with children or not, your marriage is still important.

Here is a list of infertility therapists available in Milwaukee, offered by “Psychology Today.” Take that next step in helping your marriage deal with the difficulty of infertility.


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