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June is home ownership month - learn when to buy or sell

Oliver Henderson has been servicing the community as a respected Realtor for more than 15 years.
Oliver Henderson has been servicing the community as a respected Realtor for more than 15 years.
Photo Courtesy: Oliver Henderson

In recognition of June being home ownership month, Partners in Health and Biz radio show interviewed Remax Advantage Realtor Oliver Henderson concerning the current housing market and learning when to buy or sell a property.

The National Association of Realtors has designated June as the month to acknowledge home ownership and really stress the importance of home ownership,” Henderson said.

First-Time Home buyers

“One of the things that a first-time home buyer should do is make an assessment – determine whether or not this is the thing that they need to do,” Henderson continued. “Because purchasing real estate is for most people, one of the most important decisions that they’ll make.”

Individuals and families should consider whether or not they’ll be in the area for at least five years. And if one has a job that requires a lot of traveling, this may not be the right time to purchase real estate.

If home buyers are going to be in a city or a community for five years or more, then they should make an effort to locate a lender.

Henderson believes that the first step in finding a lender or a Realtor is to start by talking to your family members and friends.

Examples of questions to ask family members and friends would be:

1. How was your experience?
2. Did you have a good experience?
3. Did they respond to your phone calls?
4. Did you get a good rate?
5. Was your lender a good lender?
6. How did you find your Realtor?

“But if you don’t have family and friends, or someone that you trust as an adviser,” Henderson directs, “then you can look in your local real estate books, or go onto some of the websites, go to, for example, the Howard County Association of Realtors," he says. "Look at the leadership or go on the internet and select agents."

So it’s really important for people to educate themselves, and definitely include real estate.

“I challenge my buyers frequently to tell me someone who is successful, who has generated some sort of wealth, who doesn't have real estate as part of their port folio, and I have yet to find anyone who has told me of someone (wealthy) who does not have real estate in their portfolio,” Henderson reflects.

To hear the entire Real Estate 101 radio interview with Oliver Henderson, visit the PIH radio website.

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