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June is busting out all over with grandgiggles

Grandchildren make every day a joyful day.

What do these three things have in common?

  • the fountain of youth…
  • a breath of fresh air…
  • the laughter of children.

Answer: Happy memories, pure magic and the promise of youth – they all have the ability to rejuvenate, refresh and re-energize the mind and the soul.

The innocence, youthful joy, energy and unsolicited unconditional love found in children can captivate and perform miracles on all of us, turning a dreary day into a sunshiny day, a frown into a smile.

Thanks to our readers, here are this month’s Grandgiggles

1. Conversation with my daughter on her last visit --
Rachel: Where's Cole (her 4-year-old son)? Does Grandpa have guns in the house?
Me: Yes, but they are hidden and there is no ammunition in the vicinity.
Rachel: Good.
Me: (Should I tell her about the rifles with affixed bayonets in his bedroom? Nah. Where's that kid?) N.M.

2. A tongue is to a baby what a tail is to a squirrel. Must help her crawl faster. (R.B.)

3. While putting Ava to bed tonight:
Ava: Daddy, make sure there's no monsters that come in our house.
Eric: No, honey, I checked the house already. It's all clear.
Ava: You tell them to stay away, OK?
Eric: Yep. No monsters are getting in here. I scare THEM away.
Ava: Even the monsters that are as big as our house? Cuz you're crazy and I love you. Yep. Love this girl. (N.S.)

4. Me: I need to eat my feelings.
Tim: There are graham crackers in the kitchen.
Me: @*$&!...I'm feeling more than that.
Tim: Do you want to watch the baby or pick up the ice cream? (J.D.D.)

5. Cole: (my grandson) NanNan! NanNan!
Me: Cole! Cole! WHAT??
Cole: I'm building a tank out of LEGOs. You can help.
Me: Not me. I'm not a builder... I'm a visionary... a dreamer... a big picture person... (at which point he walked away). (N.M.)

6. Gram, shopping with her granddaughter: It’s girl’s day out. Isn’t this so much fun?

Sky: No, Gram, it’s old lady and girl’s day out. And yes, it’s way fun.

Gram – guess she told me – ouch. (E.N.J.)

7. My 11-year old daughter comes off the bus after school today with the biggest smile I've seen on her face in a very long time. She proceeds to tell me she's "in the best mood EVER". I reply, "Of course you are. Only one more day of school". To which she says, "Who cares about school? I've got a date Friday night at 6:00 at Tropical Smoothie"! And so the fun begins. (S.H.)

8. Granddaughter River is now one year old. She. puts the "zing" in amazing. (R.B.)

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