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June family holidays

June is a fun month. School lets out, summer begins, and just life seems less complicated. June has several observances. Here are four family oriented monthly themes to observe.

Children's awareness month - To observe this theme, it takes a little more than just acknowledging a child. It means to respect them as people. Don't abuse them in any form, but love them and keep them safe.

National smile month - Smiling can change attitudes and emotions in an instant. When you see someone smile, anxiety decreases and everything seems much calmer. Make the world a happier place by just a smile.

Child vision awareness month - Pay attention to your child's eyesight. Also since summer is here, teach them how to protect their eyes from the sun, different sports, goggles in the pool etc. Eyes are essential.

International childhood cancer awareness month - Childhood cancer is more common than many of us would ever like. Cancer affects children all over the world.

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