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June brides and summer wedding ideas

Summer weddings
Summer weddings
Photo by Joe Scarnici

June weddings have never gone out of style. With the sunny skies and seasonal blooms as your backdrop, it’s no wonder why many brides dream of getting married this month.

For your June wedding, here are fresh summer ideas to make sure nothing ruins your special day.

Choose a venue with indoor and outdoor party areas
If you want to take advantage of the sunny weather or complete your ceremony’s ambiance with a grassy green lawn or a flower garden, you can do so. But if the weather gets terribly hot, or if it rains, you can also head to the indoor party area. Having a versatile venue can also give your guests the option of staying indoors or outdoors - depending where they’re comfortable.

Protect yourselves from the heat
Aside from the option above, there are a number of ways to protect yourself and your guests from the heat of the sun. One way is to provide them with cute props, such as umbrellas, fans, or large hats. They can be great keepsakes, too. If you’re outdoors, don’t use metal chairs, as they heat up when exposed to sunlight. It’s better to stay under big trees or start your wedding late in the afternoon. Lastly, If you’re staying inside a tent, make sure you rent out A/C units.

Create a lovely atmosphere with music
Music is a very important aspect in any event. To set the mood of your lovely summer wedding, hire experienced musicians. When in Scotland, consider hiring one of Music for Scotland’s Glasgow bands. They are professional and friendly individuals that will ensure you and your guests have a fun and memorable event.

Provide hydration beverages
The last thing you’d want on your wedding day is to have someone rushed to the hospital because of heatstroke. That’s why providing hydration beverages should be prioritized. Ice-cold water should be available to keep your guests in top shape. For more flair, you can add frozen drinks on the menu. Ask your point person to keep their eyes on the older guests, as they are more prone to dehydration.

Dress the part
Nothing screams “summer wedding” than trendy and pretty cocktail wedding dresses. These short dresses give you a fresh and lighter look on your wedding. It is great for outdoor locations such as the beach or garden. For footwear, it is better to wear flats or shoes with shorter heels instead of stilettos that may get stuck in the uneven soil. In lieu of the long train and veil, go for something more natural, such as a floral headpiece.

Keep the critters away
Because of the high temperature, bugs will probably be there to cheer you on during your wedding too. To keep the insects away, keep your food inside refrigerators and when serving, use serving platters with lids. As much as possible, stay away from flowers that attract bees.

Be wind-ready
Summer can also carry strong winds that may blow your wedding details away. When planning for your wedding, consider the possibility of strong winds. Does the wind drown the sound of your microphone? Will your guests hear nothing from your wedding band except that of strong winds? Make sure you check the sound system of your venue beforehand. For your hair, it would be better kept in a sleek style such as a ponytail or low bun.

Eat light
Your menu should not consist of food that is creamy or rich. Aside from the possibility of melting, guests typically prefer lighter meals during spring and summer. For a more summer touch, the main course should reflect the season. Sushi, fruit platters, cheese platters, grilled seafood, light chicken are great ideas.

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