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June bonus points for Reward Zone gamers

Get free $10 with bonus points
Get free $10 with bonus points

Everyone likes to earn extra stuff for buying things they already plan to. Best Buy Reward Zone gamers are no exception. With three titles due out in June and a fourth for August which is part of this deal, Reward Zone Gamers Club members can rack up the points for future purchases.

Just released Hunted: The Demon's Forge, available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, is part of this special. Before June 4th gamers can get an extra 1500 points with the purchase of the game. This is set at 500 points per copy with a total of three copies available.

Red Faction: Armageddon will be released on June 7th (just in time for E3). The bonus offer is available for pre-order until June 6th or purchase through June 11th. Red Faction will also be released on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC and gamers can get up to 1500 points with 3 copies total purchased.

Coming to the Xbox and PlayStation is the highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever. This action title will be released on June 14th and gamers can purchase 3 copies, again, for 1500 points total. The offer will be available for pre-orders as well as purchases through June 18th.

Role-playing and shooting game Deus Ex: Human Revolution will arrive August 23rd, giving gamers the most time to get a pre-order in. For any copy pre-ordered on the Xbox, PC, or PlayStation, up to 500 bonus points will be awarded with a maximum of 1500 points allowed.

The easiest way to get these extra Reward Zone points is head to the Beaver Creek, Dayton Mall, or Trotwood Best Buy stores and use their pre-order kiosk to get in on the extra rewards.


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