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June 28th, 1914 - The Day The World Changed: World War I & Our Unfolding Future

The name Franz Ferdinand holds a bit more significance than just a Scottish inde rock band.
The name Franz Ferdinand holds a bit more significance than just a Scottish inde rock band.

June 28th, 1914 - The Day The World Changed
Archduke Franz Ferdinand, World War I, & Our Unfolding Future

Part I

By: Brad Kronen

Despite living in such a technologically advanced world, the scope of historical awareness generally held by today’s society has been steadily diminishing to near non-existent levels as we progress further into the 21st century. Being quite the history buff, as well as the astrologer whose presence and prolific writings none of you can live without, I find this quite problematic.

After displaying my memorized mastery of all 50 state capitals in the 4th grade, along with reciting aloud some sing songy statement about Christopher Columbus involving the words "1492" and "Ocean Blue", I assumed everyone else, like myself, chose to continue their own individualized quests to learn all they could about the Past, in order to have a firm grip on who we are as a society in the Present and as a unified global whole into the unfolding Future.

Ummmmm, No.

Not only could my assumptions not have been any more egregiously incorrect, but I have come to realize more and more that within today's society, a total void of knowledge pervasively exists regarding core events throughout human history. Core historical events which, once again, thoroughly wrong me presumed most people knew, given they serve as staples of humanity’s existence as a civilization on this planet.

Case in point, a 30 something year old client suddenly became alarmed about my health last month, due to my inability to respond after asking me if “Watergate” was a recreational theme park.

Maybe at some point in the not so distant future, I’ll drop my historical expectations altogether by feigning surprised satisfaction to someone living in the Modern Age actually knowing the exact year September 11th took place, and just simply call it a day.

But not this year, however.

People, one of History’s most important anniversary dates is upon us. A historical event where the world was permanently changed, all in one day. A date in human history which affects society and the world in which we all currently live - right to this very present moment in modern real time .

June 28th, 1914

On that fated day exactly one century ago, the heir apparent of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife, Sophie, were shot and killed in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist, who was himself just a teenager. This single act of violence would trigger a catalytic chain of events of global proportions, causing the 28th of June to otherwise become known as?

Come on everyone, say it out loud with me. June 28th, 1914 is otherwise known as….?

(Crickets.) (Blowing Tumbleweeds.) (A lone vulture cawing somewhere off in the historically ignorant darkness.)

June 28th, 1914 is otherwise known as the date which launched the First World War.

Now, for all you History Channel devotees, “Inglorious Bastards” fans, and even “Hogan’s Heroes” junkies, allow me to fully knock over each of your World War II pedastals of highest historical regard with the following statement:

World War II is, for the most part, World War I’s Part II.

Practically anything of historical significance that has sociological effects which last well into the modern day is foundationally based in that particular conflict of global proportions, which many still reverently refer to as “The Great War”.

Since we all know how stellar my assumptions have been as of late, it probably should be further clarified that the term “The Great War” is another way of saying “World War I”.

The First World War caused global change that was permanent and unfalteringly resolute by fully extinguishing the imperialistic world of monarchies and colonial Empires which had existed just prior to its occurrence. Royal sentiments such as “The Divine Right of Kings” and “Noblesse Oblige” no longer applied to a populace so devastatingly reduced by the ravages of a war with fatalities never before experienced on such a mind altering scale.

A new world emerged following World War I that was no longer naively nationalistic, since the conflict began with all parties on both sides joyfully marching off to fight, and ended with 37 million people losing their lives, never to be seen again.

The Effects of World War I on the News Events of Today

Within the news headlines of today, one can’t help but notice a particular location within our present world which generates the most global tension and is a concentrated hotbed of churning aggressions of both the military and civilian varities – The Middle East.

Modern society doesn’t realize that the vast majority of problems currently taking place in areas such as Iraq, Iran, and Syria, can each be traced back to The First World War.

These countries once were all under the domain of an ancient kingdom which ceased to exist after World War I called The Ottoman Empire. The borders of the countries which we now know as Iraq, Iran, and Syria came into existence at the end of The First World War, when the Allied Forces of France and Great Britain were claiming their victory spoils by carving up the territories of the former Ottoman Empire.

In a secret territorial pact known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement, the borders and overlying areas of ancient Mesopotamia were newly re-established by whichever way the British and French saw fit, with no consideration given to the various ethnic and religious groups which had resided there for millennia.

We’ve been hearing quite a lot these days from two of those religious groups in particular, given they still harbor substantial bitterness and resentment regarding the re-distribution of their land in an agreement they weren’t even included in or consulted over - the Sunnis and the Shias.

The area known today as modern Iraq literally came about by Sir Mark Sykes taking a ruler and hacking out as square-like an area of land as possible, which clearly can be seen with any current Map of the World listed on the internet.

Historical change is for the most part, a slow moving force. Very rarely do we see dynamics of societal and global upheaval affect our world in either one swift motion or in a concentrated short period of time.

This, however, astoundingly is the case with the commencement of The Great War.

Part II astrologically analyzes the day that changed the world, June 28th, 1914. A day exactly one century ago that occurred with a swift series of lightning fast events which presumably can't be acknowledged as anything but fascinating from perspectives which are both historical and highly karmic.

But that fascinated presumption is based on yet another recently made assumption which feels everyone’s historical curiosities are now undoubtedly starved to know more about this particularly important day which holds such immense significance within our History as a civilized society.

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