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June 26, 2010: Cartoonist Conspiracy at the MCBA's 25th anniversary

This weekend, the Minnesota Center for Book arts (MCBA to its friends) is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and they'll be having a day full of creative events and activities, starting at 10 am. Most relevant to my particular slice of local journalism is that the local cell of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy will be at the Center from 1 to 4 pm, with information and help on creating your own mini-comics! They'll have templates, sample books, and lots of good old-fashioned advice and assistance.

The event's aimed at middle- and high-schoolers, but don't let that stop you older (or younger!) folks; these cartoonists are happy to teach people of all ages how to create your own slice of sequential art. There's no schedule, either; drop in any time from 1 to 4 and there'll be helpful cartoonists on hand.

For more info:

MCBA's page about the events


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