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June 2014 weather review for Grand Rapids

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June 2014 will be remembered for warm air and heavy rain. The month started and ended warm with a few chilly stretches. The low temperatures for the month were a well above average. The average low temperature was 60.73° which is 5.15° above average. The high temperatures were also warmer than normal. The average high was 79.63° which is 2.73° above average. The average temperature for the month, which includes both the highs and lows, was 70.18° which is 3.94° above average.

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The June precipitation was above average. Grand Rapids observed 5.15 inches, which was 1.38 inches above average. Record rain fell on one day in Grand Rapids with even more at the lakeshore.

The above average precipitation certainly helped with the lake levels. The water level of Lake Michigan/Huron is up roughly 3″ in the last month. The lake is approximately 10″ higher than it was one year ago and is now rapidly approaching the long-term average. The water temperature on Lake Michigan has warmed, but still dangerously cold. National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) report from the South Lake Michigan Buoy shows that the water temperature rose from 38° to 46° during the last month. Water temperature near the beaches are significantly warmer, primarily in the low to mid 60s.

The observed sunshine was below average with 58.6% of possible sunshine. In a typical June we see 63% so that makes last month 4.4% below average.

See the images attached to this story for more on the June weather.

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