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June 2014 weather preview for Grand Rapids

June begins the start of the summer season. The typical high temperature warms from 74.6° on the 1st to 82.5° on the 30th. Low temperatures take a similar rise going from 53.2° to 61.2°.

June weather averages and records  * Historical weather statistics gathered from the National Weather Service's Grand Rapids forecast office data archives.
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner
June Preview
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

You know summer has arrived, since snow has never fallen during the month of June in Grand Rapids. Rain certainly takes the spotlight with the highest daily rainfall, not only for June but for the entire year, when 4.22” falls in on June 5, 1905. That record was later tied on August 19, 1939.

While 1892 was the wettest month with 13.22” of precipitation, 1988 was the driest with only 0.25”.

The summer solstice is on June 21st at 6:51 AM. The hours of daylight increase to a maximum of fifteen hours and twenty-one minutes. The percent of possible sunshine also increases; June is the second sunniest month with 63% of possible sunshine.

While May ended on a sunny and warm trend we will likely return to cooler and damp conditions in the coming weeks.

See the slideshow on the top for more information on the June weather.

There are many interesting weather events for June, mostly revolving around severe thunderstorms and their destructive forces. I’ll highlight a few of the notable events from the National Weather Service Archives.

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6/1/1934 - Blistering heat begins the month in one of the Dust Bowl summers of the 1930s. The mercury soared to 102 degrees at Grand Rapids and 97 degrees at Lansing. The 102 degree reading at Grand Rapids is tied for the highest June temperature with June 20, 1953.

6/1/1998 - West Michigan was cleaning up from the tremendous destruction caused by the squall line of the day before. Meanwhile on Lake Michigan, water levels continued to rise and fall several feet at some locations through the day as seiches generated by the extreme winds of the squall line continued more than 24 hours after its passage.

6/2/1910 - It was a cold day in June as temperatures in the upper 40s in the afternoon were more typical of late March. The high of 47 at Grand Rapids and Muskegon are the coldest high temperatures on record for any day in June. At Lansing the high was 49 degrees, second only to the 46 degree high on the previous day for being the coldest June day.

6/3/1945 - An early June cold spell brought widespread frost and freezing temperatures from June 3rd to the 5th. The temperature bottomed out at 32 degrees at Grand Rapids on the morning of the 4th, a record for the coldest June temperature and the latest freeze.

6/4/1860 - Powerful thunderstorms moved across Lake Michigan in the evening. Sailors reported seeing a very large waterspout moving across southern portions of the lake. The storms eventually reached West Michigan, causing damage in the Grand Haven area.

6/8/2008 - Severe weather and flash flooding occur on June 7th and 8th, with four drownings in southwest Lower Michigan. Two people drowned when their car plunged into a fifty foot ravine created by a washed out road in Castle Park, Allegan County. Tornadoes struck in Osceola County near Hersey and in Eaton County near Needmore, downing hundreds of trees and destroying several outbuildings.

6/9/1963 - Severe thunderstorms caused millions of dollars in damage across the region as winds gusted over 70 mph. There were also reports of funnel clouds and a possible tornado in Belmont where several trailers were destroyed and homes were damaged. A tornado near Dorr heavily damaged a house.

6/9/1974 - Ferris State University in Big Rapids is hit by a tornado. Two people are injured. Several houses and two schools also had damage to roofs and walls.

6/10/1939 - Tornadoes struck across southern Lower Michigan, including one that hit Kalamazoo County from near Schoolcraft to Austin Lake. A farm house lost its second floor and a mattress from the home was found over a mile away.

6/11/1972 - A late season freeze struck the region with Muskegon dropping to 31 degrees for their coldest June temperature on record. Lansing fell to 32 degrees and Grand Rapids to 33 degrees.

6/14/1894 - A week long heat wave was underway with temperatures at or above 90 degrees across much of the region from June 10th to June 16th. Grand Rapids hit 95 degrees on the 13th, 96 degrees on the 14th and 97 degrees on the 15th.

6/15/1976 - Tornadoes caused a quarter million dollars damage in Lower Michigan. In Kent County, a barn is destroyed and two houses damaged by a tornado near Cedar Springs. In Allegan and Ottawa Counties, several buildings are damaged along a twelve mile path, ending just south of Jenison. Mobile homes are damaged near Walton in Wexford County.

6/16/1974 - Cool and cloudy weather prevailed for the middle of June with high temperatures only in the middle 50s across the region on both June 16th and 17th.

6/17/1992 - Over a dozen, mostly weak tornadoes struck across Lower Michigan, including south of Coopersville in Ottawa County, near Cedar Springs in Kent County, Harrison in Clare County and Pewamo in Ionia County.

6/20/1953 - An early summer heat wave peaked with temperatures around 100 degrees. It was the hottest June day on record at Grand Rapids with a high of 102 and a sultry low of 79 degrees.

6/22/1992 - One of the coldest summers on record in west Michigan got off to a freezing start with frost and freezing temperatures across the region. At Muskegon the temperature plummeted to 32 degrees. It was the latest freezing temperature on record there.

6/25/1969 - A tornado begins near Cedar Springs in Kent County and moves east for seven miles, damaging a store and destroying a barn, chicken coop and 14 camper trailers.

6/27/1944 - A three day heat wave peaked with high temperatures of 97 degrees in Grand Rapids and 93 degrees at Lansing.

6/28/1959 - Hot weather prevailed with a high temperature of 92 degrees at Grand Rapids and Lansing. At Grand Rapids the low temperature was 78 degrees, second only to the 79 degree low on June 20, 1953 for the warmest low temperature on record for the month of June.

6/29/1995 - As much as four inches of rain within an hour left streets and basements flooded in the city of East Grand Rapids and in southeast sections of the city of Grand Rapids. Water standing two to three feet deep stranded cars along one street, but most damage was due to flooded basements.

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