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June 2014: Here's what happened in mobile payments

June 2014: Here's what happened in mobile payments
June 2014: Here's what happened in mobile payments
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As the month of June rapidly winds to a close, it's evident that the past four weeks produced a bountiful array of major mobile payments news that not only confirmed the growth of this mammoth industry, but pointed to where this promising young growth market is headed.

Here are some of the top stories in mobile payments we've covered throughout the month of June.

Obtaining a small business loan is challenging for many startups. Not only is the application process a hassle, but with the economy still recovering, small business loans are challenging to obtain. In order to ease access to loans for small business owners, mobile payment processor Square is now offering an alternative to bank provided small business loans.

Mobile payments giant PayAnywhere is always looking for ways to improve their PayAnywhere storefront. Some of the improvements and updates they launch are designed to benefit the consumer, while others are designed to benefit the business owner. It is this ongoing commitment to excellence that has established them as an industry leader.

Don't call it a comeback... but that's kind of what it is. Even as BlackBerry fights to survive in a mobile world almost exclusively dominated today by Android and iOS, the embattled Canadian smartphone maker isn’t rolling over.

Last week, Google had a plethora of announcements at its annual Google I/O developer conference about “What’s Next.” Included on that list were ideas for better options for mobile payments, banking and commerce.

While most of the world was getting ready for Halloween celebrations in late October 2013, Starbucks announced that now 11% of sales volume comes through its own mobile wallet.