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June 2014 Astrological Overview

A few more days are left before May ends and summer officially begins. This June will be a fulfilling month from several points of view, but especially from that of finances and business. The current planetary movements and combinations between different celestial bodies will have a positive impact on artistic people. As to those who are guided by pragmatic notions, they may not benefit from the general positive atmosphere of the month. This is mostly due to the combination of Venus with Saturn.

Venus-Saturn is a very powerful pair which practically controls the entire zodiac until the summer solstice. Everyone will experience strong waves of positive energy as Venus and Saturn generously shower us with their positive emanations. Later on, Mercury will also join the aforementioned duo, aligning itself with those two planets. Mercury will grant luck in the area of business. In terms of relationships, it is now that the fate of each individual will greatly depend on his or her friends. As an obvious consequence of this state of things, it will be a hard month for those who don’t have friends; the positive vibes of Venus, Saturn, and Mercury will not influence such people.

Generally speaking, the Water trigon will have the smallest number of celestial allies. The signs which fall under the influence of this trigon will have to hope for positivity and good luck. Other elements, however, will have a slight advantage. Mars will gift the people born within the Fire trigon with rich positive impulses that will truly “charge their batteries,” while also providing them unparalleled opportunities to achieve their goals. The Air Trigon will benefit from having the Sun on its side. Given its complex positive energy flow, the Sun will influence in a good way all life areas, but one in particular – that of finances. Earth signs will have the Moon as celestial leader; just like the Sun, the Moon will do its best to aid them in all life areas.

Although so far things seem great, it is important to say that this June there will also be planets whose energy will be mostly – if not exclusively – negative. One such planet is Uranus. This mysterious distant celestial body will emanate extremely powerful impulses of negative energy, which will spread chaotically. Therefore, Uranus will bring a variety of problems to all the signs of the zodiac. Neptune is another planet whose negative vibes will affect everyone, albeit not as strongly as those of Uranus. Regardless of such strong celestial enemies, each individual has a real chance to neutralize all the negativity depending on their outlook on things and on their other cosmic allies.

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