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June 14th at the Exploratorium

Visitors enjoying Fujiko Nakaya's 'Fog Bridge' between Piers 15 & 17 at San Francisco's Exploratorium.
Visitors enjoying Fujiko Nakaya's 'Fog Bridge' between Piers 15 & 17 at San Francisco's Exploratorium.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

So it's Summertime. It's Saturday (June,14th), and it's hot. The kids are whiny and grumpy and so, frankly, are you. What do you do on a day like this? You bundle the kids into the car, the bus, or BART and head on over to the Exploratorium. For the price of admission ($15.00 for Non-Members, $10.00 for Members, and free for Lab Members), you can take in Saturday Cinema. On June 14th it's called 'Sun Celebrations'. It rejoices in the marvels of the Sun and the lure of summer. Some of the films will literally look at the sun, but others will take a look at works that create that joyful summertime state of being...a summertime frame of mind. Come bask in the screen's glow, and stay cool as the warmth of the subject of the cinema washes over you. You can catch the film at 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 in the afternoon in the Kanbar Forum. Keep in mind some venues have limited capacity, so admittance is on a "first come, first served" basis.

Meanwhile, it's also a perfect time to check out the other exhibits. Try out 'Silage Beach': are you moving or is it the striped walls that are moving? Check out the toothpick sculpture that is an ongoing project and took 37 years to build so far as it is. Who knows how big it will be, it's scope, and how many more years it will take before it's finished, if ever it is? Ever wonder what you would look like if the right side of your face were exactly the same as the left side? You can find out at the Exploratorium! Or see what you would look like if you and your best friend were combined! Next, head over to the Explorable's workshop and try your hand at making something.

There is plenty to do, and the kids come away having had a great time while at the same time getting lots of physical and mental activity. They'll be more than ready for dinner and bedtime by the time they get home Saturday evening, and so, frankly, will you!