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June 10, 2014 DVD & Blu-ray: 'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey'

More than three decades after the debut of Carl Sagan’s 1980 PBS groundbreaking and iconic series, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, it is time once again to set sail for the stars in the legendary FOX follow-up Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Host and famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson sets off on the Ship of the Imagination to continue the exploration of the remarkable mysteries of the cosmos and our place within it. The thrilling 13-part adventure will transport you across the universe of space and time, bringing to life never-before-told stories of the heroic quest for knowledge and a deeper understanding of nature.

'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey' on DVD and Blu-ray ||
'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey' on DVD and Blu-ray || 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey' on DVD and Blu-ray
'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey' on DVD and Blu-ray20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Executive producer Seth MacFarlane, along with co-executive producers Mitchell Cannold and Brannon Braga, teamed up Sagan's original creative team, including writer/executive producer Ann Druyan and co-writer/astronomer Steve Soter, in the FOX reboot that features an updated Cosmic Calendar and dazzling visual effects. In a video message, President Obama introduced the premiere of the new series and invited a new generation of viewers to embrace the spirit of discovery, encouraging them to explore new frontiers and imagine limitless possibilities for the future.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey features incredible bonus materials including a stunning five-part documentary on the making of this critically-acclaimed ground-breaking event, “Celebrating Carl Sagan: A Selection From The Library of Congress Dedication," “Cosmos at Comic-Con 2013” and audio commentary on the first episode "Standing Up in the Milky Way." Exclusive to Blu-ray is “The Cosmic Calendar: An Interactive Look at the History of the Universe” featurette.


  1. “Standing Up in the Milky Way” - A reboot of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos," the 1980 PBS series that explored all aspects of the universe, is hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and begins with a look at the work of 16th-century Italian astronomer Giordano Bruno and a walk across the "Cosmic Calendar," a football field-size time line that starts with the Big Bang and ends with humans' first appearance on Earth.
  2. “Some of the Things That Molecules Do” - A look at canine breeds and how they're related to wolves; an examination of the human eye. Also: a visit to the Hall of Extinction.
  3. “When Knowledge Conquered Fear” - A comet's path is traced on its long plunge toward the sun. Also: a visit to Isaac Newton's birthplace; and a look at his friendship with Edmond Halley, whose interest in Newton's work led him to publish the latter's "Principia Mathematica."
  4. “A Sky Full of Ghosts” - A journey back to 1809 features astronomer William Herschel's observations on the effects of light on time and gravity. Also: Tyson travels to the event horizon of a black hole.
  5. “Hiding in the Light” - The behavior of light and its relationship to vision are studied by Ibn al-Haytham in the Middle East during the 11th century. Also: astronomer William Herschel discovers infrared radiation in 1800.
  6. “Deeper, Deeper, Deeper” - A look at exotic life forms that are invisible to the naked eye; an examination of the parts of the brain responsible for the sense of smell and memory; a journey beneath the Earth's surface to discover a mysterious particle.
  7. “The Clean Room” - A look at the work of geochemist Clair Patterson (1922-95), who calculated the age of the Earth—4.5 billion years—using a uranium-lead dating method, and also drew attention to the dangers of lead in the atmosphere and the food chain.
  8. “Sisters of the Sun” - A spotlight on the work of female astronomers, including Annie Jump Cannon (1863-1941), who cataloged stars by class, and Cecilia Payne (1900-79), who calculated the chemical compositions of stars. Also: an exploration of the lives and deaths of stars; and a visit to the planet of a star orbiting a globular cluster.
  9. “The Lost Worlds of Planet Earth” - A profile of U.S. geologist Marie Tharp (1920-2006), who created the first comprehensive map of the entire ocean floor. Also: a look at the Earth's autobiography according to its atoms, oceans, continents and all living things.
  10. “The Electric Boy” - A profile of Michael Faraday (1791-1867), an English scientist known for his experiments with electricity and magnetism.
  11. “The Immortals” - Why civilizations perish and the possibility of beings that live forever are explored. Also: a look at what can be learned from science about the future.
  12. “The World Set Free” - A look at Venus and what may have happened to it as a result of the greenhouse effect. Also: an examination of climate change on Earth and what it means for the future.
  13. “Unafraid of the Dark” - The first season concludes with a profile of Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky (1898-1974), a pioneer in the study of supernovas, neutron stars and dark matter in the universe; and a rumination on Carl Sagan's best seller "Pale Blue Dot."

DVD Special Features:

  • Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - The Voyage Continues
  • Celebrating Carl Sagan: A Selection From The Library of Congress Dedication
  • Cosmos at Comic-Con 2013
  • Audio Commentary on Episode One: "Standing Up in the Milky Way" by Ann Druyan, Mitchell Cannold, Brannon Braga, Jason Clark and Kara Vallow

Blu-ray Special Features:

Includes all DVD Special Features plus:

  • The Cosmic Calendar: An Interactive Look at the History of the Universe

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