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June 10, 2014 DVD: 'Adult World' with Emma Roberts and John Cusack

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Golden Globe nominee John Cusack and Emma Roberts star in the funny, sexy coming-of-age comedy film Adult World where vibrators and confessional poetry collide. Directed by Scott Coffey from a script by Andy Cochran, it also stars Evan Peters, Armando Riesco, Shannon Woodward and Chris Riggi. In addition, Coffey makes an appearance as the bookstore owner.

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Recent college graduate Amy Anderson is an aspiring writer who naively believes she is destined to be a great poet. Unemployed, she still lives with her parents while longing for independence. Although her parents are supportive of her artistic pursuits, when their finances deplete, they refuse to continue to provide free room and board -- plus fund the postage for her repeated literary submission rejections. With mounting student loans and few prospective employment opportunities, she begrudgingly takes a job at the local sex shop Adult World owned by a frisky elderly couple to earn a paycheck, working with the adorable local boy Alex and the flamboyant transvestite Rubio. Feeling that the future has something better in store for her, she sets out to pursue her dreams by stalking her reclusive literary idol, the crusty, alcoholic Rat Billings (who is coasting on his early glory days), to pursue a mentorship and become his protégé. Hoping Billings will help kick-start her road to success, she discovers that inspiration can be found in the most improbable places.


  • Emma Roberts as Amy Anderson
  • Evan Peters as Alex
  • John Cusack as Rat Billings
  • Armando Riesco as Rubia
  • Shannon Woodward as Candace
  • Chris Riggi as Josh
  • Scott Coffey as the bookstore owner
  • Jo Mei as Yumi
  • Leah Lauren as Maggie
  • Cloris Leachman as Mary Anne
  • John Cullum as Stan
  • Catherine Lloyd Burns as Sheryl

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