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Jumping the shark Part 2. Others who have jumped the shark

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Jumping the shark has been a major activity in our government among our politicians, bureaucrats and journalists. Our political industry, in Washington and among our state governments, has grown in size and stupidity. The people are looked on by the government complex, dishonest politicians, talking heads and journalistic sell outs as stupid for letting this happen.

Obama’s jumping the shark

Yes, flight 370 is not the only case of the shark being jumped. Obama with his string of lies, scandals and failures jumped the shark long ago and many times. His lack of credibility, shown in polls, because of his dishonesty is evidence of his having jumped the shark of believability.

Scandals like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS and AP/FOX just to name a few. Including his myriad of lies and failures in Obamacare! You can keep your policy and doctor, cheaper and better healthcare? Then his additional failures of the stimulus, bailouts, cash for clunkers, green energy, Syria, North Africa and Crimea, and on and on and on. The hope and change of Obama has jumped the shark along with the media’s permissive coverage of him.

Obama’s holier than thou speeches, empty words that make him feel like the smartest one in the room, when it makes him look like the weakest one.

Then, the overall performance of our government and politicians has jumped the shark long ago too. The manner in which dishonesty and corruption have rotted the structure of our government!

Harry Reid’s accusations of his opponents lying when he has been shown to be a major league liar in his own right! Especially when it comes to who is lying.

Nancy Pelosi’s “We have to pass the bill to know what is in it.”

Hillary Clinton’s “What difference does it make!”

The Gang of eight pushing illegal immigration amnesty on the basis it is good for the America and the economy using the same failed methods of the past because they failed to enforce the laws they passed.

Jumping the shark, an indicator of major stupidity has become a hallmark of the political industry.