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Jumping the shark Part 1 Media coverage of flight 370

Jumping the shark is an expression coined when the 1970’s TV show “Happy Days” was running. It was a feel good half hour about the fifties. Perhaps the forerunner of “The Wonder Years” and “That Seventies Show”! Clearly showing the gradual degradation of society!

Where oh where has my 777 gone?
Where oh where has my 777 gone?
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

They ran an episode in which the cool hero Fonzi water skiing and wearing his leather jacket jumped a shark, proving the program had run it course. The stupidity of the premise indicated the show had outlived its time!

Malaysian flight 370

The media has long since jumped the shark with regard to Malaysian flight 370. As usual they have paraded multitudes of supposed experts, and talking heads. As if that wasn’t enough they then brought on psychics, people saying it was a new Devil’s Triangle and conjectures they were taken by space aliens. The worst was FOX bringing Rod Serling of Twilight Zone back from the dead to comment on the airliners disappearance. It’s a wonder witch doctors, Voodoo Priests and Taro readers were not brought out to comment!

The mysterious disappearance took most of the news media airtime during the last two weeks. They took the air out of the Russian invasion of Crimea and the threat to Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s aggression took a back seat. A major back seat, all the way to the back of the bus, no the train! One almost would think it was done to hide Putin’s spanking of Obama.

A wooden pallet with a binding strap made the headlines because such pallets were carried on airplanes. They are also carried on every ship carrying general cargo. Even in those containers, aboard the huge container ships, packed with cargo on wooden pallets. The debris of the day they would say was the most promising junk on the water they have found. A guessing game on the oceans flotsam and jetsam! Conjecturing to fill the 24 hour news wasteland that networks will fill with any kind of crap.