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Splendid Modal Jersey, $108
Splendid Modal Jersey, $108

Despite the snow and cold, I'm already thinking about spring/summer - and more importantly, what I'll be wearing. Yes, there will be the basics from last year: maxi dresses, Grecian sandals, tissue thin tanks. But there will also be one new and very important addition...the jumpsuit. Ok, now hold on. I know what you're thinking. No, I'm not talking about circa 1970 Studio 54 Saturday Night Fever jumpsuits. These ones are much more streamlined and sophisticated. I'll be wearing all black jersey cotton, accessorized with flat sandals and minimal jewelry. The best part? The look will keep me cool in the dry Boulder heat AND I can even add a long cardigan once the sun goes down. I love any outfit that only requires once piece. Throw it on and you're out the door.


  • diane taylor 5 years ago

    Love your fashion ideas Kirsten and I'm sure you'll look fabulous in that jumpsuit.