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Jump-start weight loss and lose five pounds in five days with 'Juice Detox Diet'

Lose weight fast with juicing.
Lose weight fast with juicing.
Harper Collins, reprinted with permission

If you're seeking a fast, easy way to lose weight, meet Jason Vale. He's also known as the "Juice Master" for his work with celebrities and athletes who sought his help in slimming down and getting fit. Now Jason has put his knowledge and research into a new book: "5 Pounds in 5 Days: The Juice Detox Diet" (click for details).

We interviewed Jason to get the skinny on how it works.

Jason says that juicing changed his life. He had hit rock bottom when it came to his health, living on fast food and junk food, smoking 40 cigarettes a day and addicted to alcohol. In addition to being overweight, Jason suffered from psoriasis, asthma, allergies and eczema. And then Jason came across the concept of juicing.

That was it; my eureka moment. I finally found a way that I KNEW I could get fruits and vegetables into my body.

I then started to feed my body on a daily basis with nutrient rich fruit and vegetable juices and gradually my health improved.

As Jason lost weight, his health problems vanished as well. Now he calls juicing "the catalyst that allowed me to set foot outside my cycle of ill health; it set me on the wonderful journey to become disease free, full of energy and take my health to a place that I could only of dreamed off all those years ago."

Why use juicing for weight loss? Jason feels that it makes the process easy, tasty and fast, "with people easily losing five to seven pounds in just five days."

In addition, Jason feels that juicing jump-starts a healthy lifestyle.

It gives then the valuable commodity called momentum, so that at the end of the 5 days they want to continue, they want to bring juicing into their life, so that they change their diet and are no longer ‘on a diet’ and this difference is crucial.

Jason designed the plan so that you can enjoy your weekends, then return to juicing Monday through Friday. It's easy, achievable and gets real, long-term weight loss results. You can get more information on the book, including how to order, by clicking here for "5 Pounds in 5 Days: The Juice Detox Diet."

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