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Jump Start 2010 home organization contest winner revealed

The bedroom and dresser area before decluttering.
The bedroom and dresser area before decluttering.

Debbie Wilder has lived in her Colorado Springs home with her husband and two sons for twenty years. She keeps busy working 30+ hours per week and directing the women’s ministry at her church. With her husband working long hours and commuting daily to Denver, and one of her sons being a full-time college student and living at home (her other son is married and lives out of state), most of the daily work of managing a home, and taking care of a family, falls to Debbie. An avid decorator and entertainer, Debbie found that her home needed some special organizational attention, but she lacked the time and direction to get started. When Debbie read about the Jumpstart 2010 contest sponsored by Cari Pemberton, The Clutter Cutters, Linda Reinberger, Organize, Consolidate, Declutter, LLC, and Diane Snead, Type A Professional Organizers, LLC, she leapt at the opportunity to jumpstart her home organizing projects.

Left to Right: Kathryn Lane (standing), Diane Snead, Cari Pemberton, and winner, Debbie Wilder.
Photo by: Author, Donna May Lyons

Debbie submitted the winning 'Jumpstart' essay, explaining to Cari and her professional organizer colleagues that the biggest hurdles in her home were her basement, laundry room, and recreation room. When asked why she selected these three areas, Debbie responded that these were the spots that were causing her to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. She also wanted the main floor of her home to be more organized so she could feel more comfortable entertaining guests.

Debbie also desperately wanted the downstairs of her home to be a comfortable place where her sons and their friends could hang out, while also providing her with an area to do crafts, and efficiently store the seasonal home décor items she’d accumulated over the years. However, Debbie felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items she’d accumulated, and needed the direction and guidance on where to begin.

Enter Cari, Kathryn, and Diane. The team of Professional Organizers, Certified Family Manager coaches, and Efficiency Experts, arrived on the scene prepared to help Debbie transform her home into the space she long-desired. Debbie’s prize included a family manager coaching assessment, as well as organizational services in the three biggest problem areas of her home (an estimated retail value of $400!).

The Family Manager Assessment took place on February 4, and Cari, Kathryn, and Diane helped declutter three of Debbie’s rooms during the work session on February 12. During the work session, the three women provided Debbie with some hands-on assistance, as well as a jumpstart to her overall organizing plans.

When asked how the home organization project would help Debbie be more productive, she responded, “It is motivating me to keep going (working on purging, organizing, etc.) because I now can see what it looks like at the end.” Debbie’s ultimate home organization goal is “to be able to find anything at a moment’s notice” and for “everything to have a home and a place.”

The home organization project revealed to Debbie how much she loves having things organized and clutter-free. According to Debbie, “It was such a blessing to have these ladies come in and work hard to help me get on the right track. I also learned how to keep my mail and paperwork as part of the one-touch system, as well as putting like items in the same container."

Prior to the Jumpstart 2010 contest, Debbie longed to finish something she started in the area of organizing her home. She’s now trying to do a little bit each day towards accomplishing that goal. She is encouraged by small accomplishments like being able to see the floor area in her kitchen, bedroom and laundry room, and is having fun working at her computer desk and kitchen table now that things are cleared off and she is utilizing the new filing system that was implemented.

Debbie says she still has a lot to learn and do, but her family manager assessment and declutter session truly gave her the “jumpstart” that she needed towards accomplishing her 2010 goal. Check out the before and after photos of Debbie’s 'jumpstart to home organization' in the slide show below.

Do you need the services of a Professional Organizer, Certified Family Manager Coach, or Efficiency Expert? Contact Linda Reinberger or Kathryn Lane of OCD, LLC at 719-460-0347; Diane Snead of Type A Professional Organizers at (719) 229-9892, or Cari Pemberton, Certified Family Manager Coach, The Clutter Cutters at (719) 338-9677. You can also read Cari’s BlogSpot for some great organizational tips.

Check out Cari’s upcoming workshops:

  • “Secret Storage Space” - March 1, 10:30 a.m. at the Rockrimmon Library
  • “Getting Ready for Tax Time” - March 15, 10:30 a.m. at the Rockrimmon Library
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  • “The Busy Mom's Guide to a Happy, Organized Home” book study (via webinar) – The next seven Tuesdays from 7-8:00 p.m. (Mountain time). $39, book sold separately.

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