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Jump squats: The training secret to great glutes

When you combine the highest calorie burning aerobic activity with the highest rated glute exercise, what you get is great

Jumping is considered by professionals as the greatest calorie burning cardio activity- even greater than running. How this is determined is within a given time frame, say 1 minute. In one minute, jumping up and down would burn more calories than running would, when done appropriately.

Squats have long been considered the ultimate glute blaster- the surest and quickest way to work and tone the butt. It also works all other parts of the legs, especially the quadriceps.

To take your glutes to the next level and really blast your butt, try shocking your legs and leg workout with jump squats.

Using only half the weight you would in a normal ten rep set, squat down to 90 degrees, not allowing the knees to exceed the toe and keeping the back straight and erected, and then explode upward into a jump. Follow through all the way with good control, even squeezing the quadriceps and glutes in mid air each repetition.

Once you fatigue and can't jump anymore, finish each set with a few reps of regular squats, which will be much harder than ever before at that weight after the jump squats.

Do 4 sets with a 90-120 second rest in between, drinking plenty of water and stretching the quads and the legs in between sets.

Follow them up with barbell alternating lunges and dead lifts to cap off your mega leg workout, and don't forget the calves. A workout like this involving jump squats will ensure maximum calorie burn, butt blasting, metabolic rate boost, and natural hormone release for overall health, vitality, strength, and we'll being!

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Greg Mickles is a fitness expert with over 10 years of experience. He has worked with elite doctors, professional athletes, professional models and actresses, fitness models, bodybuilding champs, actors, big business CEOS, and all types of people from all walks of life, who all have one thing in common- to increase their quality of life and live life to the fullest by living in maximum physical and muscle conditioning and by being in the best shape they can be in to conquer massive life obstacles and challenges.

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