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July means Finathon time

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June is far in the distance now and July has blown in on the waves and with it comes more activities from Project Aware that will continue to not only keeping you in the water, but will also raise awareness and get us ever so much closer to keeping our shark species from vanishing.

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Get swimming to end finning as Project Aware presents ocean advocates all across the globe with a special Finathon® challenge. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends while sharing in volunteer efforts with old friends and raise funds for the cause of keeping our shark species protected from man's dire destruction. From finning to beach nets to overfishing, all are factors in the rapidly increasing disappearance of the shark.

If you have what it takes to be a leader, create your own Finathon event and reach out to your community and network of friends to make the goal a reality in our lifetime. If you are a shark lover interested in following the crowd and showing your support, join any of the number of finathons taking place during the month of July.

Some amazing work is being accomplished in our oceans by water enthusiasts just like you and me. It is those that care that are making the difference, such as Todd Cameron who is swimming around the world to save the sharks with his project, Swimming Fast For Sharks. The Samui Swim Team have hit the water with a driving force to do their part to end finning, island by island, with seven islands down and 39.3 Finathon kilometers behind them. They continue to go strong with a drive fueled by dedication to the cause. Gene Giraudeau is the first swimmer to swim between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao in Thailand. This is no easy feat and the long stretch of water was tackled by Gene in 13 hours and 23 minutes. We are looking at approximately 170 miles.

There are so many inspirational stories about passionate Finathon fans who have gone the distance to help save the shark. As Project Aware points out for us, always keep these three thoughts in mind and take action when possible.

Fight to stop shark finning.

Insist on full protections for the critically endangered shark.

Navigate stronger policies to ensure a brighter future for all sharks.

See what it takes to participate and feel the satisfaction of saving the shark: