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July job numbers were impact but small business owners want talented staff

Now hiring on Phone
Now hiring on Phone
Courtesy of Stuart Miles

As of this point in time even though 209,000 jobs were added for the month of July the unemployment rate is still sitting at a real number quite discomforting when looking at it. Before going into that number the government looks at those who are collecting unemployment only to take their monthly count and as of now that rate has risen to 6.2% but the real number is what no one speaks of.

That real number of unemployment includes everyone that has given up on no longer looking for work because they have gotten frustrated. That number also includes persons who are not able to find work yet looking for work in their career field. The number not discussed by most media is over 12% which is very disturbing. Why this number is still high is because of one particular reason; the Obama administration playing politics and enforcing small business owners to pay for everyone’s health insurance.

Fortunately, now that the Hobby Lobby judgment has just been passed and they are not being forced to pay for health care that does make it clear this health care law is not fit to carry through as it was written. More small business owners will step up and ensure they do not nor will not pay for an unlawful bill that is written using a mandate that should have never taken place.

The lack of economy growth has caused slow job growth as both do affect one another. When economy is not making money small business production cannot take place. When small business production is not needed jobs are not hired for so people stay unemployed; everything works together like a fine oiled machine. It is the small business that keeps money flowing and the American worker employed more often than a larger employer. Small businesses will do what it takes to train employees, keep them happy, and ensure they receive a paycheck every two weeks. When seeking your next place of employment whether it is skill, technical, or career based, look into a small business company first as they will be there for the longevity of business development and growth for America families.