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July is vampire literature month, so celebrate the first annual event

July is vampire literature month
Philip Burne-Jones

What is vampire literature month exactly?

July is vampire literature month, it's a month where we remember some of the great stories that are about everyone's favorite bloodsucking fiend, the vampire. Each year there is going to be a different theme that deals with vampires, like for example maybe vampire movies based on literature or 19th century short story writers and vampire stories. Also while this is looking at literature, there will always be one movie pick that is based off of vampire literature.

Why July?

Because summer is the season where everyone is making summer reading lists, and there is nothing like reading a book on the beach or underneath a tree and relaxing. It's quite cliche to do it in October, and maybe in the winter there will be another horror national month.


Online, this page tells you what to do during the month, then you can celebrate it wherever you want with family and friends.


July 1-July 31

Is this the first one?

I'm sure there are many other vampire months, but this is the first one for this page, the Green Bay Paranormal Examiner.

What's the theme for the first annual vampire literature month?

The first theme is going to be a month of looking at vampire stories that were written by women writers. Each theme will have two short stories and two novels picked for it.

How can I participate?

Very easily by reading all (or some) of this list that deals with this year's theme and watching a selected movie:

Two Novels:

  • "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice
  • "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova

Two Short Stories:

(These short stories you can read freely online)

The Movie:

Of course the fitting movie would have to be "Interview with the Vampire" (1994). After you read the book, watch the movie!

Ending remarks:

So that's about this year's vampire month and how one can participate. Share with your friends that are fans of literature and vampires.

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